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Crypto Currencies Accepted in Casinos

Online casino gaming has become incredibly popular, especially since land based casinos have yet to evolve to new heights to perhaps one day accept crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dash and Tether. While casinos are always in competition to attract new players, there are a number of operators that have expanded their payment options to offer as many crypto currencies as possible to satisfy all gaming casino preferences. Surprisingly, Bitcoin isn’t as exclusive as one might imagine and it also isn’t the most popular crypto currency on the market since the introduction of other cyber currencies. For this reason we look into some of the casino payment options used by top casinos and here is what you need to know about the currencies offered at such establishments.

Bitcoin Casino Payment

Bitcoin, otherwise known as BTC, is one of the most common forms of crypto currencies, mostly accepted at trending and modern online casinos. The most popular aspect of the BTC currency is anonymity. Many players aren’t comfortable enough with divulging sensitive banking information and by using Bitcoin they know their details are safe with the casino and so they prefer to use this Method of payment. There are even online casino platforms that operate solely with the use of the bitcoin cryptocurrency and these are referred to as ‘bitcoin casinos’.

Etherium Casino Payment

Next to Bitcoin, Etherium is a vast favourite crypto. Like BTC, Etherium isn’t governed by any surveilling parties and as a result, the incredible allure of anonymity takes precedence of the ‘Cash is King’ belief. There are a vast and growing number of online casino platforms that accept the Etherium cryptocurrency and there are even a few Etherium online casinos. These Etherium casinos offer many of the same online casino games found at other online casino sites including craps, roulette and blackjack. Etherium casinos have teamed up with major gaming software providers to bring their players the best in gaming technology and these include Play N’ Go,Amatic, Booming Games, BGaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Soft Bet and Ezugi Gaming.

Litecoin Casino Payment

Litecoin, LTC, is a spinoff of the BTC crypto currency and functions in an almost identical manner. It began as early as October in 2011 and has ever since increased in popularity according to the amount of users purchasing the crypto currency. Again, Litecoin is not managed or guarded by any centralised authority, making it one of the decentralised crypto currencies and a favourite amongst users looking to omit their banking details or any other sensitive data. Fortunately, Litecoin is one of the commonly accepted forms of digital cryptocurrencies at many online casino sites and players will not have any difficulty finding an online casino site that accepts Litecoin.

Monero Casino Payment

Best described as private, secure and untraceable, this is one of the many crypto currencies favoured by online casino players, especially those who have invested in the crypto. Monero has been digitally designed to offer users complete exclusivity and as a result you will notice these casinos have adopted this form of payment to be one of the many crypto currencies collected by vending merchants. The peer to peer payment of financial transactional movements allows for users to make financial transactions in complete secrecy. This makes Monero as popular as Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin resulting in it becoming widely accepted.

The Monero cryptocurrency has been going since the year 2014 which has allowed them to establish reputability and trust with many online casino players. Online casino players especially gravitate towards the Monero cryptocurrency for its extra focus on anonymity. Although Bitcoin still remains the most popular form of cryptocurrency in the world; Monero is quickly catching up and this may be due to the popularity of the currency amongst online casino players.

Dash Casino Payment

Dash, aptly named due to the combination of being both digital and a cash form, is another one of the very many crypto currencies to have made it into the payment methods of popular online casino gaming brands. Modern online casinos have revolutionised their acceptance of deposit methods by adding Dash next to other crypto currencies including notorious ones like Bitcoin and Etherium. Players are fast becoming familiar with Dash and have begun using the crypto for recreational purposes such as online gambling.

Dash is a widely accepted form of digital cryptocurrency with regards to online casino sites which is great news for the many online casino players who have invested in the Dash currency. All payments made with Dash are fast, secure and highly convenient which is one of the reasons why this cryptocurrency brand is quickly rising to the ranks of Bitcoin in popularity. Online casino players are known to love convenience and Dash is a payment method that provides this for them.

Dash was initially launched on the 18th of January 2014 as Darkcoin but decided to change their name in the year 2015.The company has also been known by other names including the name Xcoin. Dash uses the latest technology called DarkSend to ensure that all transactions are safe, secure and encrypted. DarkSend also ensures that all transactions are processed 100% anonymously. The technology used in the Dash system is based off of Bitcoin technology and therefore this is one of the most trustworthy and reliable cryptocurrencies on the market today.

Tether Casino Payment

Described as controversial and favoured by those with an appreciation for digital technology, Tether is one of the upcoming crypto currencies and although not as famous or recognised as BTC, Tether users have remained loyal to the decentralised crypto coin. The coin is made usable through Tether Limited, the company to introduce the coin to the online casino market. It was recognised as ‘stablecoin’ as it remained loyal to one value, until it began adopting a new nature and started to become more volatile like Bitcoin.

The Tether cryptocurrency was originally known by the name ‘RealCoin’ when they were first launched in July of the year 2014 after which the company was renamed to ‘Tether’ Ltd in November of the same year. The Tether cryptocurrency received quite a blow in sales in November of 2017 when $31 million worth of Tether coins were apparently stolen. The fact that the Tether crypto system could be hacked into was cause for concern for many people around the world which resulted in a huge drop in the amount of Tether coin sales. There are still online casino players who use the Tether cryptocurrency and have much hope for the future of this digital currency.

As you can see, these online casino gambling sites have adopted a number of these crypto currencies as they are incredibly popular amongst players who opt to play at online casinos rather than land based casinos. Using Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Monero, Dash or Tether ensures your payments are immediately processed as they are all Internet based currencies and the turnaround time to access your account is almost instant. On top of being quick to transact in nature, the fees usually claimed by banks aren’t claimed by these currencies as they are not governed. So as you can see, there are many reasons why these casinos have evolved with modern players and opted to grant their members access to these crypto currencies.