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How to Spot a Blacklisted Casino Site

The online casino and gambling industry is not only one of the most vast and lucrative niches in the world today, it is also one of the fastest growing and expanding industries. It seems as if new online casino and gaming platforms are hitting the scene on a weekly and daily basis, which means that online casino players around the world have a massive and wide selection of gaming platforms to choose from.

As a result of such growth and potential revenue, it naturally opens up channels for fake, untrustworthy or rogue online casino operators on the market. Since the amount of online casinos is expanding at such a significant rate, it is all too easy for untrustworthy online casinos to slip in unnoticed. As online casinos are also heavily reviewed by casino players themselves, it often does not take long before these online platforms are noticed and revealed by way of being blacklisted. In this article we will take a look at how you can spot a blacklisted casino and why you should avoid them.

What is a Blacklisted Casino?

A blacklisted casino is essentially an online casino site that is a fake and scam operation. These sorts of online casinos are commonly referred to as ‘rogue online casinos’ that pose as legitimate operators but never actually pay out any winnings. Online casinos such as these are only after their players’ money and banking details with no intention to ever issue any real cash. In addition to this, blacklisted casinos are also infamously difficult to get hold of as their customer service can be non-existent or non-compliant. Furthermore, blacklisted online casinos do not treat their players fairly and do not deliver on any of their offerings or promises.

How Can an Online Casino Get Blacklisted?

At CasinoTipsBet, we are dedicated to improving the quality and user-experience of the industry as a whole. You will find that we rate and review online casino platforms and usually point out all the blacklisted casinos so that you only play at trusted and reputable sites. Blacklisted casinos tend to receive one too many negative reviews and complaints from online casino communities around the world. As a result, players are constantly relaying information between each other regarding the various online casino platforms, their games, software, and offers on the market. Therefore, it does not take long before a fake or rogue online casino is spotted and quick to be blacklisted.

What Qualifies a Casino to Get Blacklisted?

There are certain traits or qualities exhibited by most fake online casinos that allow players to spot an untrustworthy site. If an online casino demonstrates any of the following qualities; they are usually categorised as a blacklisted casino site:

Lack of Response

Fake online casinos have no intention of ever communicating with their players or assisting them in any way. A way to tell if an online casino is fake is by assessing whether or not they offer a reliable customer support service. All trustworthy and reputable online casinos place a big focus and emphasis on providing an outstanding customer support service; so whenever an online casino fails to respond to their customers, there is usually reason to be suspicious.

Lack of Payouts

Players who earn winnings by playing their favourite games at fake casino sites, unfortunately never end up receiving their cash-outs. Whenever an online casino fails to payout any winnings, they will quickly find themselves being blacklisted.

Unlicensed Operations

Most fake online casinos are unlicensed and unregulated by any governments or gambling commission boards. While not all unlicensed casinos are untrustworthy, it is usually the case that a rogue casino will not be licensed or legal.

Lack of Fairness

Rogue online casinos will often scam their players by providing casino games that are rigged or unfair. Most of these online casino sites fail to comply with the rules of provably fair gaming and often they do not make use of Random Number Generators (RNG) in their games. As a result, players end up losing tons of money on these games and find it nearly impossible to make any wins.


Most fake sites do not incorporate reputable and recognised gaming software technologies and often do not provide proper security and encryption measures when it comes to their payments and transactions.

How Can You Spot a Blacklisted Casino?

It is always recommended to do your research and thoroughly investigate any online casino before choosing to sign up with them and deposit any money. Bear in mind that there are definite ways in which you can spot a blacklisted casino and these are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Check their licenses

Always ensure the casino has a valid operating licence. If they are unlicensed, they could potentially be a blacklisted casino.

Tip 2: Assess the customer support options

Check to see whether the online casino has any available customer support options such as a live chat feature. If there is a lack of customer support and if you see no way of easily getting in touch with a support team, you may possibly be dealing with a blacklisted casino.

Tip 3: Look out for fair gaming options

If there is no mention anywhere on the online casino site about providing fair games and complying with provably fair gaming rules, there is a chance that it could be a blacklisted casino.

Tip 4: Read real player reviews

Always read reviews made by other online casino players about the online casino in question before choosing to sign up with them. This helps in making an informed choice as you can base your decision on evidence provided by other players in the community.

With a bit of research and using our tips above, blacklisted casinos should be relatively easy to spot. Should you come across a rogue casino site, it is highly advisable to immediately report any suspicious or unfair activity that you may have experienced.