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The Main Casino Bonus Types Explained

Whether you are a seasoned high roller or someone who is just getting to know the world of online casinos, it helps to know what each type of casino bonus means and does. With that in mind, here is an overview of some of the most common casino bonuses.

Casino Bonus – Deposit Bonus

This type of casino bonus is perhaps the most frequently occurring of all casino bonuses. Online casinos use it to get you to give them your money and it’s quite self-explanatory, in the sense that to receive such a bonus, you need to make your initial deposit. After making your initial deposit, the platform will add a bonus on top of the amount you decided to deposit. The bonus is normally a percentage of what you decided to place as your initial deposit.

It’s normal to see online casinos provide special promotions like, “Receive a 100% bonus on top of your first deposit, up to €500”, for example. In cases like these, you simply need to make an initial deposit and then you’ll be given a 100% bonus on top of it, with a maximum of €500 able to be claimed altogether. The deposit bonus is meant to get you started on your chosen platform and encourage you to play more.

Casino Bonus – No Deposit Bonus

This bonus offer is sort of the antithesis to the standard deposit bonus. Why? Well, because you don’t have to make any kind of deposit before you receive it. It is often given as a simple casino bonus reward for completing your registration at the site; it won’t normally be a huge sum of money. Because of this, the likelihood is that a no deposit bonus won’t be anything above €5 or €10 at a maximum.

The aim of this type of casino bonus is to get people who are considering playing online casino games, but have their reservations, the opportunity to get a feel for the website and see how it works. The most common reasons why people are sceptical about online casinos are because of fear about the legitimacyof the website and whether or not the online casino in question is a good fit for the player. The no deposit bonus gives players the opportunity to make an informed decision.

All it takes to get a no deposit bonus is to sign up and either verify your email address or add a payment card to your account. After that, the no deposit bonus funds are usually found in your account to be used as you like across the website on games of your choosing

Casino Bonus – Free Spins

The casino free spins offers are some of the most sought after, because they cater specifically to those players who enjoy slot games. Slot games are one of the most popular online casino games, so this makes sense. Free spins will sometimes be given as part of a welcome offer alongside a bonus, although they can also be found as the sole reward for placing a deposit. Free spins are essentially free turns on one or more of the specified video slots.

Usually, all you will need to do is to load up one of the games associated with the free spins offer and the spins will be there waiting for you straight away. The number of spins that you get will vary from offer to offer and from casino to casino, since each casino has different policies on how free spins are given to players. They can be anywhere from five free spins up to 100 or more.

Casino Bonus – Cash Back

Not all casino players are fans of receiving bonus funds, as they more-often-than-not come with wagering requirements that need to be completed. The same isn’t true of cash back rewards. This casino bonus is as it sounds – a fixed amount of cash given back to you in your account. This will often be classed as a percentage of your net losses for the previous week or two weeks, for example.

So, if you see a casino bonus reward that states, “10% of your net losses back”, it will often take the number of losses you have accrued over the past week, take 10% of that and give you the amount back as a cash credit your casino account. As with the other bonuses, cash back rewards often have a maximum amount of money that you can receive. Make sure you know what this amount is so that you are not disappointed at a later stage.

Casino Bonus – Loyalty Program

Much like your favourite green grocer, a lot of online casinos also have loyalty programs. After all, it’s not all about receiving bonus funds though, because for anyone who remains as a regular player at an online casino, there’s frequently the added benefit of rewards from a loyalty program. This usually requires you to collect points by playing games at the casino and once you get enough points, you climb up to the next level of the loyalty program. Additionally, the loyalty points can often be converted into bonuses, physical gifts, free spins, or other extra rewards. It is worth noting that players are usually entered into loyalty programs automatically. This means that you don’t need to do any additional registration or filling in of forms.

Bonuses are a great way to make the most of your online casino experience and are there to reward players for their support. The likelihood is that one or more of these types of bonus rewards will be available at a casino that you sign up to. Why not check out the different types of bonus rewards in better detail here.