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Learn to Play Poker in Less Than 5 Minutes

The game of poker, which is famed to be one of the most widely played table games, has grown tremendously over the years to become a force to reckon within online casino space. Although many players posit that the game is easy and can be learned as fast as making a cup of coffee, others believe that it takes concentration and continuous practice to understand the basics. It doesn’t matter which of the theories you subscribe to. The main issue is to learn how to play it well, and that is what this article is about.

It is important to point out some things before we commence. Poker is a table game that is best enjoyed when played in the company of friends or family. It has been asserted that the game can be learned in five (5) minutes but it would literally take a lifetime to become a pro in it. Well, first things first; we'll start with the basics of playing the game, after which you would keep practicing to become a better player.

What You’ll Need to Play Poker in Five Minutes

Before you commence the game, you would need a deck of cards or more, depending on the number of players. You would also need a company, such as friends or other players to play the game with you. Considering the fact that poker is a table game, it is only fair to have your favourite online casino table where all players can gather to play the game. You may also need some money if you’re considering it to be a betting game.

List of Hand Rankings for Playing Poker

The second set of things to learn is the different types of hands that are used in the leisure activity. Below are some of them:


When a player has the “Nothing” hand, it means that the other player with the highest hand automatically becomes the winner of the game.


This type of hands comes in the form of pairs, such as two 5s, two Aces, and so on.

Two Pair

Many players may be forced to believe that this is similar to the “Pair” hands. Instead, two pairs are primarily about numbers that appear as a pair, such as a pair of 7s and a pair of 2s.

Three of a Kind

This hand is about the appearance of a number in a succession of three. That means that the hand appears thrice.


This is where it gets interesting. You would be in luck to have a Straight hand when playing the game of poker. The latter implies that all your cards appeared in sequential order, such as 3-4-5-6-7./p>


The Flush hand refers to the appearance of the same symbol in a card. This can come in the form of hearts or Aces.

Full House

The Full House hand has to do with the domination of a certain number with the addition of a few other numbers. For instance, you can declare 8s full of 2 when your hands sum up to three 8s and 2.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind is another type that you have to look out for when playing poker. It has to do with the appearance of two different figures in a sequence of fours. For instance, you can declare having Four of a Kind when you have Four Aces and Four 5s.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush is one of the keenly anticipated hands among poker players. A Straight Flush implies that you have a combination of the Straight and a Flush. The Flush in this instance tends to be “J”. So, let’s assume that you have a Straight hand of 3-4-5-6-7 with the integration of the Flush to make it 3-4-5-6-7-J

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush hand is no doubt, the most important of the hands in poker. Players hardly come across this but when they do, they are sure that the jackpot would be awesome. The Royal Flush hand is something spectacular like A-K-Q-J-10, all of the same suit.

How to Play the Five Card Draw

It’s worth noting that poker has different types, and players are advised to go for the game of poker that suits their preference. We hope that you have learned some of the basics of the game. Now, let us look at the method of playing one of the poker games called "Five Card Draw”. We choose this because of the simplicity, which could be what you need to launch yourself fully into the world of playing poker games.

Players would place a small, initial bet on the pot. The pot, in this case, is the pile of chips placed in the middle of the table used for playing the game.

The dealer begins to deal the cards, starting by dealing one card each from his left until each player gets five cards. The cards are faced down when dealt. After each player gets his fifth card, the rest of the players can then pick up their cards, and examine the number of hands they got. Players would then start placing their bets starting from the left-hand side of the dealer. At this point, players have the options of choosing from different bet types, such as “Raise” (to increase the amount earlier wagered), or “Check” (to pass on the round of betting). Players can also deploy the “Fold” option to give up on the hand and lose the bet, or use “Call” to match another player’s bet.

Players that have extra hands at the end of the round of betting can trade them for better hands or simply “Stand Pat” to maintain the remaining hand. Every player would receive a new hand and start another round of betting, starting from the dealer’s left.

The players would show their hands at the end of the betting. The winner is typically the player with the highest hand. (You can refer to the list of hand rankings above to understand this more).

Play Poker in Five Minutes

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the easiest online casino activities you can play. However, you would need the detailed clues above, especially the list of hand rankings to perform well at the table.