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Play Poker Online – How to Play Poker Online – Free Poker Tips and Strategies

Poker may seem like quite the difficult game to play for anyone who has never found themselves playing such before. For a newcomer, the task of getting started with poker – be it online or offline – can appear very daunting. With various hands to remember, the rules of gameplay to keep in mind, keeping any eye on your opponents and more, poker is a game that really requires you to bring some sort of strategy into play. That’s why we’re here – to give you some pointers on how to play poker online. So, prepare yourself for some free poker tips and strategies to assist with this.

Poker Tip #1 – Learn the Hands

If you’re completely new to the world of poker, then it’s important for you to learn about the different poker hands before playing. While historically, only a few hands could be made due to the lower number of cards in play, there are several that can be made today from the 52-card poker games. From Royal Flushes through to High Card hands, you’ll not only need to know how to create these hands, but whether it’s worth sticking with such a hand during a game.

The Royal Flush is the poker hand that cannot be beaten, consisting of the 10 through to A cards of a single suit. A Straight Flush is five cards in the same suit in sequence, while Four of a Kind is a hand with four of the same number or picture image. Full House provides three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different matching rank. A Flush gives you five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence, while a straight is five non-suited cards in sequence. Three of a Kind, Two Pair and Pair operate in the same way as Four of a Kind but with lower numbers of the same card. Finally, the High Card hand is one that doesn’t qualify under any of the categories, with the highest card in your hand winning.

Poker Tip #2 – Money Issues

We all know that as gamblers, it’s a necessity to have money in an online count to do any sort of gaming. That’s just a common thing for playing poker. Granted, you can start out by playing freeplay poker games, which is done with demo credits. However, you won’t get the full effect of real money play this way.

It is important though, that you don’t go beyond your limits as far as your bankroll is concerned. Never deposit more into your online account than you can realistically afford to lose. So, if you have €500 in your bank account, don’t go ahead and deposit the whole lot at a poker site. Gameplay is supposed to be fun – not something that directs you towards a gambling problem. Start out with something like €25 or €30 for example and see how you go with it. Place small bets to begin with, just so that you can see how things operate, how the pays are given, what sort of rewards you’ll get and so on. Money issues only come if you’re reckless with your funds. So, be smart about your poker gameplay.

Poker Tip #3 – Locate a Reputable and Top-Quality Site

Don’t ever proceed with depositing your money and playing at a site that isn’t 100% trustworthy. There are so many online poker sites out there, that choosing one to join can be quite the task in the first place. Fortunately, we do have some recommendations at our site for you to navigate to and enjoy. Yet, if you do take the decision to locate your own, make sure that it’s a site with a licence and good reputation. Too many times newcomers to the world of poker get scammed out of depositing money and then don’t get any sort of service when it comes to withdrawals, for example. Again, you need to play things smart and make sure that you’re registering at a good poker room. Read reviews of the sites you’re potentially interested in before going ahead with signing up, too. The more information that you have on it, the better it will be for you.

Poker Tip #4 – Make Use of Freerolls Whenever Possible

While this isn’t specifically a strategy for playing poker online specifically, it works as something that’s quite the beneficial tool. At many online poker rooms, you’ll get the chance to enter various freeroll tournaments. These basically operate in the same way as standard poker games, but you get to enter them without paying any money to do so. Hence the name freerolls. They really do help you to build up your knowledge of the game without losing any of your own deposited money in the process. And as they say, the best type of learning is in the doing.

Poker Tip #5 – Utilise Anonymous Tables

For newcomers, the online poker world can be a scary place. With many experienced players in the loop, it can be all to easy to feel victimised by such players. After all, they do possess more experience and knowledge of the game than you. This is where anonymous poker tables come in handy. You see, because you have complete anonymity at them, experienced players can’t latch on to you and track you from table to table, preying on your inexperience. Instead, you can play the game without them knowing anything of your gaming history of experience level.

Not all online poker rooms will provide anonymous tables, so if you’re seeking one of these out specifically, you’ll need to find reviews of the sites. A lot of gamers today do prefer accessing sites with anonymous poker tables, because it feels like a much safer location to enjoy the game at. Take advantage of these types of tables, because as a newcomer, they can be quite vital to assisting you with improving.