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Understanding the RTP of Slot Games

What Is RTP in Slot Machines?

The letters of RTP stand for Return to Player. All slot games have an RTP rate, which gives you information on what you’re potentially able to expect as a pay-out from the game you’re playing. This rate is described as a percentage, offering up information on how much of each bet that you place is likely to be returned to you in winnings. This figure is calculated over a long period of time, though.

So, if you located an online slot machine game with an RTP rate of 96% for example, then the idea behind this is that for every €100 you place on a slot machine, you can expect to receive €96 of it back in winnings. Yet, don’t think that this is the be all and end all, because it’s not quite that simple. After all, some people play slot games and win multiple times the amount of their bets.

So, the percentage given is simply a projection of what is expected to take place in the long run. And by the long run, we mean years of playtime. A player could always do much better than that figure or much worse. So, it’s important to not put all your hopes in a game based solely on its RTP rate.

How Is RTP Calculated?

Generally speaking, the RTP rate of a game can often be found being provided by the developer. However, this isn’t always the case. So, should you wish to know how the RTP rate is calculated, we’re here to inform you. A basic formula is usually employed to discover this figure, which is the total amount returned to players divided by the total amount bet by players of that game.

The total amount that is bet by players is equal to the sum of each initial bet per round, per player for the audited period. Meanwhile, the amount returned to players equates to the net amount that is won by a player in a round.

Now, various different factors will come into play when calculating this figure, so that’s just a basic equation. Some games are affected by their ways to win, their inbuilt special features, if they contain a jackpot and more. That’s why it’s always a lot easier if a developer provides the RTP information alongside its games. Some people do think that if they play a slot with a higher RTP rate, they’re likely to receive more pay-outs or higher rewards. And while this would quite possibly be true if they were able to play with an unlimited bank balance, the likelihood is that nobody is going to have the time or funds to spin a slot’s reels thousands, even millions of times.

As noted, the RTP rate is figured out over a long period of time, so it’s important to not solely put your focus on this number.

Conclusion Why RTP Is Important

Now, even though it’s a valid point to not put such a focus on the RTP rate, it’s also important to ensure that you take some notice of it. While the outcome of slot game spins is completely random, the RTP rate is a theoretical return that players can expect to receive. RTP won’t change your luck of a spin.

However, many people do believe that the RTP rate of an online slot provides quite the argument for its quality. After all, if you find a slot with a theoretical RTP percentage of 98% and another with a figure of 89%, that’s a gap of 9%. When it comes to gambling with real money, that’s quite the space between such, and there’s a likelihood that we’d all opt for the game with 98% RTP.

Fortunately, most slot games today come with an average RTP of about 96%. Because of this average level today, it’s good to use the RTP as a guide to whether a game is operating on the same level of quality. Competition within the slot gaming world is quite fierce these days, and while there are various fun slots with lower RTP rates, if you’re the kind of player who likes to know that there’s even a mere possibility of higher pay-outs from one slot over another, the RTP works in your favour.