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Types of No Deposit Bonuses

All You Need to Know About No Deposit Bonuses as well as A Break Down On the Different Types that You Can Find At Online Casinos. A no deposit bonus is one of the many methods used by online casinos to attract new players to their sites. There are such a vast number of operators in the industry these days which result in casino sites constantly coming up with new offers and promotions in order to compete for those precious players. It is important for brands to provide loyal players such as yourself with perks and incentives to keep you satisfied and coming back for more. Although many players feel sceptical of free offers, casino sites really are offering you the chance to play games at no cost and win some real money along the way. However, online casinos cannot afford to hand out heaps of free money to each one of their players, and therefore there are often strict wagering requirements attached to these types of deals. It is important to get clued up and inform yourself of all of the various terms and conditions as well as how each of these bonuses works. To guide you along the way, we take a look at how this option really works as well as the different types of no deposit bonuses that you can expect to find at your chosen online casino.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

As mentioned before, this offering is a great incentive offered by many online casinos which allows you to play casino games on the house without having to fork out any of your money. The opportunity to play casino games for free while still winning real money is the reason why this type of bonus has become widely popular today. There are a variety of different no bonuses on offer and each one will have something different to reward you with as well as having different terms and conditions. It is therefore important to know the ins and outs of a no deposit bonus before choosing to accept one and it is especially important that you ensure that you are able to meet the wagering requirements before you can expect to be taking home any winnings.

What Are the Advantages of a No Deposit Bonus?

Unless you are a high roller with enough cash to splurge to meet heavy wagering requirements, it is unlikely that you will be able to make big winnings when using this particular incentive. Although the chances of earning big winnings may be low, there are still some great advantages to using this bonus which we will list below.

Try Out New Games For Free

A no deposit bonus can allow you to try out the newest and latest casino games at no cost at all. You may or may not make some winnings on these games, but you will be able to discern whether a new game is worth your while by investing some real money into it.

Practice Your Skills

Since these incentives allow you to play casino games for free, you can use this to your advantage by getting in some practice and experience. This allows you to polish and refine your skills so that you can be better prepared when you play for real money.

Find Your Ideal Winning Game

Being able to try out various different casino games for with no money down, allows you to find that ideal casino game that brings you both enjoyment and a good amount of winnings. Since you are not required to spend any of your own cash- you are able to play and sample a wider variety of games than you would if you had to place deposits.

What Games Can You Play With a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonuses can be used on almost all of the games that an online casino has to offer. The bonus offer in this genre consisting of free spins can be played on most online slots unless the online casino provides specific titles to be used with this incentive. The only games that are often excluded from no deposit bonus play are roulette and blackjack games as well as some specialty games.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

These rewards are not all the same and come in a variety of different forms and offers. Here are some of the different types:

Free Play

A free play or a free time bonus rewards you with a certain number of free chips which you can use for a specific amount of time. These free chips vary in value and you will have a set period in which to make the best use of these free chips. Once your time limit has been reached, your winnings are added to your account as bonus money. You will need to meet the wagering requirements for the bonus in order to be able to withdraw these winnings.

Free Spins

A free spins bonus rewards you with a certain number of free spins, usually on a specific online slot game. As Free spins allow you to play online slots without having to put down any cash. With some bonuses the online casino will provide a selection of games that can be played with your free spins and other bonuses will enable you to select any of the available slots.

No Deposit Deals

This type of bonus is usually offered as part of a welcome bonus package. The online casino will reward you by issuing free money into your account when you sign up as a new player. This amount is usually of low value and provides you with a boost to get started playing your favourite games. In order to withdraw any winnings made using this bonus, you will need to meet the wagering requirements.


No deposit bonuses are a great way to test out a new online casino and to explore the different games on offer. These bonuses provide you with a chance to try out and practice casino games for at no cost to you as a player. As long as you remain mindful and aware of the wagering requirements for each bonus, as these rewards can be a great incentive to take advantage of.