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Online Casino USA – Best Online Casino Guide 2019

We’re all looking for the best online casino to join, right? After all, as avid gamers, it’s important to find a platform that caters to our own needs and preferences. That’s why we’ve brought this guide to you – so that you can locate one of the best USA casinos and enjoy your time playing at such.

How We Locate the Best US Casinos

We take seeking out an online US casino seriously, and because of that, you’ll find that all of our recommended best platforms have undergone close inspection by us. That’s right, we’ve reviewed a mass of online sites to find the very best for you. So, when you’re browsing through this guide to finding the best online casinos, you’ll understand that the very best of the best exist here.

When it comes to separating the best from the average, there are certain criteria that we look for in an online casino. Of course, primarily, it has to cater to the US market. Otherwise, what’s the point in including it on such a guide? However, this is just a basic necessity. There’s plenty of other features that we watch out for when constructing such guides. For example, we like to know if a site is licensed or not. When an online casino holds a gambling licence, it stands out as being a safer location to join and play at. Why? Because a licence ensures that the casino is operating to a set of rules, rather than making its own up. So, your money is kept secure this way and your gameplay remains a fair activity, too.

We also look out for those casinos that are run by respected operators. Any operators that have black marks against their names won’t be found in our guide. The casinos here are all owned and operated by top-quality companies, ensuring that there’s a safe and dedicated team behind their every day running.

Payment Methods supported by US Casinos

It’s no secret to US gamers, that following the introduction of the UIGEA law in 2006, making deposits to online gambling sites became much harder. Credit and debit cards were almost always out of the question, as banks were forced to block such transactions to gambling sites. The same became the truth for standard bank transfers, too. So, while some casinos were readily accepting registrations from US players, their ability to deposit money into such accounts was a difficult task to proceed with.

Fortunately, in the proceeding years, other payment methods became available to use for this. The prime method that many US gamers now make use of is cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin and Litecoin through to Ethereum, Dash and many others, online casinos have started to accept deposits and withdrawals via these digital currencies. That’s why many of the best online USA casinos in our guide are also supportive of payments made via such.

While we do recommend that you use cryptocurrencies for depositing and withdrawing at your chosen online casino, it’s not always possible or potentially you don’t possess such. That’s when you can make use of other options, such as Money Orders or Person to Person transfers. It’s important to keep in mind that these payment methods also potentially come with additional fees attached to them, too. However, they’re often much more easily able to be used than standard card payments.

What You Should Look Out for With Online Casinos

It’s one thing to read through our guide and see the different casinos that we recommend. Granted, these have all been scrutinised by our review team to the finest detail to work out the best USA casinos. However, it’s also important to do your own bit of research at the same time. As well as checking into the site’s licensing status, you may also want to look into reviews of the casinos from other players. See if there have been any ongoing problems with the sites and if these problems are quite the major issue.

Of course, it’s important for an online casino to provide its players with a good set of games. Have a look if the recommended casinos in our guide provide games from your favourite developer(s). If not, then maybe you need to check into an alternative. Also, take a look into the range of games on offer. For example, is it all slot games or does it have a wider variety incorporating table games, live dealer options, video poker and more?

One other thing to take note of is the withdrawal policy of your chosen casino. The last thing we all want is to be left hanging around for our money to be sent back to us. It’s one thing to be able to deposit instantly, but can you withdraw in a speedy timeframe, too? In our guide, you’ll find some of the best withdrawal times in existence at online gaming sites. Cryptocurrencies are generally the best way to go for speedy cash outs, but if you’re using something different for transacting, then maybe you’ll want to take a closer look at how long it will take to receive your money from the casino.